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Surveying I– coordinate account

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Welcome to the website devoted to issues of coordinates account of the subject Surveying I. As we all know is already plenty of programs for computing geodesic that enhance the work chamber, but the knowledge base is essential to coordinate the account. Before commencing study surveying students often have trouble understanding the rules that apply when making calculations. That is why we created this site to resolve all ambiguities and help to gain valuable and useful information for those who want to learn the basics of surveying calculations. For help in preparing and giving many necessary and important tips thank dr. inż. Anna PrzewięĽlikowska.


  • On the left side is a navigation menu, where the titles have been placed the issues discussed.

  • For all of these topics included are examples that allow you to translate theoretical knowledge transferred to the practical.

  • For computational problems have been created programs (in both Polish and English) offer opportunities to check their calculations. Programs can be downloaded from the main menu by selecting Programs, then we are interested in the program and then click 'DOWNLOAD'.

  • On the Links, you can find links to many interesting and of useful websites.

  • The site can change the font size - everyone can adapt to each other the most appropriate size.

  • There is also a version for visually impaired (strong contrast), which also is possible to change the font size.

  • Each subsite has been prepared for printing - just click on the printer icon.

  • To be able to take advantage of this course, students also obcojęzyczni was developed English version of the site.

  • If you have a problem in finding the issues do not waste your time - use a search engine.

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wish you a pleasant and fruitful way of gaining valuable knowledge.

Justyna Jurek

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